Below you will find the certificates I have attained, ranging from my main training to health and safety.

The Iver Makeup Academy

Advanced Certificate in Makeup and Hair Artistry

I completed my training learning all aspects of make-up, hair and prosthetics for HDTV, film, theatre and fashion combined with portfolio building and in-house filming experience. This included period make-up, catwalk and editorial, gruesome prosthetics and special effects skills, and also the leading airbrushing techniques. My training focused on TV/film makeup and hair, facial hair application, character six and prosthetic application, editorial makeup and hair, airbrushing, body art, timed work, hairdressing, barbering, bald caps and plastic partings. Throughout this 30 week course, I was assessed on all skills, from application techniques to creativity and timings. At the end of this 30-week course I understood the professional skills required to start my career in the media make-up industry. Il know how to work from a brief, break down a script, follow continuity and organise crowd calls.


Coronavirus basic awareness on production training

This online learning module and assessment test from ScreenSkills was designed specifically for freelancers/crew working in physical production in the film and high-end TV industries. From this I understand how the coronavirus is transmitted, I am prepared for the protocols your production company will have put in place to reduce the risk of transmission, I know how to take care of your work environment, tools and equipment and I understand the health and hygiene precautions you can take to protect yourself and others


Certification Course

This is an online course for hair and beauty professionals which covers everything I need to do to keep my space and kit hygienic.


Covid-19 Certification

Much like my other Barbicide certificate, This is also an online course for hair and beauty professionals which covers everything I need to do to keep my space and kit hygienic. I am up-to-date with the latest in infection control, specifically Covid-19.


Committed to Health & Safety

This course, similar to the Barbicide courses, went over health and safety while working. It teaches professionals how to create a safe and healthy environment, beyond simply preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask Champion Certificate

This training is designed to help hair and beauty professionals to spot the signs that someone is experiencing domestic abuse and how to respond in the best way.

At the bottom of the page you will find a flyer with organizations that can offer help.

Organisations who may offer help list

Here is the official Behind the mask list of organizations who may offer help. Feel free to download the PDF version below as well.

Useful resources

Bright Sky app


Designed to look like a weather app to make it discrete, it provides information to those experiencing domestic abuse or those who know someone who may be. Offers a UK-wide directory of specialist support services with contact details. Download the free app on your smart phone.

Hollie Guard


Hollie Guard personal safety app is activated when your smart phone is shaken or tapped so it automatically sends your location and audio/video evidence to your designated contacts. Download the free app on your smart phone. Add emergency contacts and set up your personal alerts to get started

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