My “On Set Bag”

Every makeup artist who works on set needs an “on set bag”. This is the bag you take out with you fo final checks and finishing touches. This has all your actors essentials, possible things people might need and your own essentials.

What’s in my bag? Here’s a list of all the essentials.

    • This will include any makeup and hair products you need to use on your actors such as: powder, lipstick concealer, lip balm, eyeshadows. Hair wise: tail comb, brush, vitapointe, hairspray, pins box
    • Any brushes you will need, take out with you in a brush holder or a plastic bag to make sure each persons set stays separate.
  • Skin Illustrator on set palette
    • This compact, pocket size palette makes touch ups fast and easy.  If all of a sudden there’s a tattoo or a bruise that pops up, this is really quick to use for cover ups.
  • IPA spray
    • really good to disinfect your makeup quickly if you need to! It also pairs up with the IPA based pallet as the activator.
  • Face masks/Visor
    • This is ESSENTIAL right now! I’ve gotten so many cute ones off of Etsy and Depop
  • Sunscreen
    • This is absolutely a must have for me. I am quite pale so no matter the weather (unless its at night) I can burn easily. Standing outside in changeable weather, you’ll always want to be prepared.
  • Baby Wipes, specifically Huggies
    • These are water based makeup wipes and do not have any alcohol in them, therefore they won’t irritate the skin.
  • Disinfectant wipes
    • Always good to have and great to offer to your actors/models if they’ve gotten something on they hands or feet
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitiser
    • During this crazy time its always good to have with you.
  • Hand lotion
    • Constantly sanitising your hands will make them sore, take care of them! It’s not fun having dry hands.
  • Mini deodorant
    • If its a spray deodorant, always check you’re allowed to bring an aerosol on set.
  • Mini Hair spray
    • As I stated previously, always check you’re allowed to bring an aerosol on set.
  • Gum/Mints
    • It can be rude to chew gum in front of an actor face while you’re doing their makeup, have mints for that. I find gum helps more after lunch, or sometimes people will ask for it!
  • Portable charger, cable and wall plug
    • If there’s a SAFE spot that you can plug your phone into the wall, you’ll want to do that so you don’t waste the portable chargers battery. A lot of times you’ll have people asking for a charger as well, just make sue to sanitise it before you give it to them and to have them sanitise it before handing it back.
  • Nail Care Bits
    • This includes nail clippers, a file, and a small bottle of nail polish remover.
  • Powder Puffs
    • I have found recently, actors prefer them to be new and wrapped.
  • Disposables
    • You can never go wrong with having these on hand (mascara wands, lip applicators, eyeliner brush
  • Makeup Wipes
    • The Neutrogena single wrapped are perfect for out on set.
  • To Do Checklist/Notepad + Pen
    • Its not bad to have a list with you reminding yourself what to do, I always write up what I need to do on set and if a director makes note of anything, you have a place to write it down.
  • Sharpies/Permanent Marker
    • Someone is always looking for one
  • Mirror

That just about sums it up. I haven’t been working in the film industry long so I’m sure I’ll be doing an updated one in a years time. This is everything I found really handy to have out with me, no matter how short or long the shoot was. I have also found it very convenient to label my set bag, as it also gives someone a reminder of what your name is incase they have forgotten, there’s so many people on set, its hard to keep track of everyones names.

Make-Up Artist Kit – What’s In My Set Bag Recap:

Hi, my name is Charlye (Hair and Make-up By Charlye Elizabeth) and I’m a trained and qualified makeup artist living in London! Carrying a set bag is so important if you’re working on set. Throughout my time training I’ve learned about what products to carry and what products to leave at home! I’m still learning and not a pro yet, but I’ve found these products very helpful to always have with me!

Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite set bag essentials? Is there anything that you would reccomend having?

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